30 Min Basic Class

30-Minute Basic Metal Detecting Class Outline

Equipment Overview (5 minutes)

  • Basic Components of a Metal Detector
    • Control box: Explain the function of controls, display, and power source.
    • Shaft: Adjustable for comfort.
    • Search coil: How it works and types (concentric vs. DD coils).
    • Headphones: Importance of using headphones for clear signals.

      Setting Up Your Metal Detector (5 minutes)

      • Assembly
        • Demonstrate how to assemble the metal detector.
        • Adjusting the shaft length for comfort.
        • Basic Settings
          Powering on the device.
          Sensitivity settings: Explain how to adjust sensitivity based on the environment.

        • Basic Techniques (10 minutes)
          Swinging Technique
          Demonstrate the proper swinging technique: slow and steady, overlapping sweeps.
          Keep the coil parallel to the ground.
          Pinpointing Targets
          Use the detectors pinpointing feature to locate the exact position of the target.
          Digging and Recovery
          Proper digging technique to minimize ground disturbance.
          Use of a pinpointer for more precise locating.
          Importance of filling in holes and leaving the area as you found it.
        • Q&A and Closing (5 minutes)

          • Answer Questions
            • Address any questions or concerns
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